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01. Made In America (Live)
02. Find Out Who Your Friends Are (Live)
03. If The World Had A Front Porch (Live)
04. Any Fool Can See (Live)
05. Stars Over Texas (Live)
06. Don't Drink Whiskey (Live)
07. How A Cowgirl Says Goodbye (Live)
08. Texas Tornado (Live)
09. Nothin' Burns Like You (Live)
10. In Color (Live)
11. Sticks and Stones (Live)
12. Alibis (Live)
13. Can't Break It To My Heart (Live)
14. The Devil Went Down To Georgia (Live)
15. Time Marches On (Live)
16. Paint Me A Birmingham (Live)
17. I See It Now (Live)
18. Better Man, Better Off (Live)

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